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Portugieser - MAČKOV PODRUM


Variety: Portugieser
Vineyard: Memijevo, Budakovac, Fruška gora wine region
Best served at: 15-17 C

Autochthonous variety from Fruška gora to whom Tomcat’s wine cellar is returning its glory and glitter! It has specific varietal aroma of current and blackberry. It is long and clean, the taste is fruity with nice acids 
which give freshness and juiciness to the wine. It is well accompanied by traditional entrees. Young wine - Svatovac can also be served chilled as an aperitif.


A tradition that has its origins in the nineteenth century was crowned with the foundation of the winery MAČKOV CELLAR 2005. Mr. Sava Jojić -Macak had both the honor and extraordinary responsibility to present to a wider audience of wine connoisseurs, what has been built in his family for over a hundred of years. Treasure from his own vineyards in the southern slopes of Fruska Gora, is successfully translated into high quality wines and is well known now far from this beautiful part of Vojvodina.

Since 2004 when the current winery was created it reached a capacity of 200,000 liters, which is reflected into 120,000 bottles of wine annually produced in this winery. MAČKOV BASEMENT for production uses only grapes from its own vineyards, and the wine magic takes place in the courts of stainless steel barrels and barrels of oak and black locust. Let some of these wines be your choice as well. You will not go wrong whatever you choose.

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