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Vinarija Jokic

JOKIĆ OrganicWines from stone JOKIĆ Winery, located in the heart of Ravnih district, between the sea and Velebit, which create a unique microclimate conditions, one of the largest wineries of northernDalmatia.
Capacity of 100,000 liters, young and stage of development, with labels that show the crack on the sheer rock from which all succeeding however, largely wins awards at national and international field, the stage is a breakthrough in the Serbian market, on this occasion, Serbia has established a distribution center called PIĆOK doo, where deliveries will go to the local market.

Vina Jokic carry quality labels and geographical origin.The crack in the stone faithfully reproduced on JOKIĆ labels, at first glance suggests that this customer maraština, pošip, chardonnay, muscat, not ordinary wine , as well as international as it rose-a-rosy or typical bordoškog cuvee. Figure complemented the organic label -Eko on the back, which will allow you to enjoy the wine and the next day you head does not hurt. Logo with a seagull, a bunch of grapes wine, and they ear of 1906 when wine yards in this position date, with the right to bear the inscription the Croatian portals, where young wine makers Dusko Jokic called "king of white wines of northern Dalmatia," the winery where only two harvests in bottle !? At this year's regional and international competitions JOKIĆ wine took numerous deserved medals ORGANIC Indigenous&International.

  • Restoran Kovač - Dani Sarajeva 23 - 28.01.2018.
    Dah Sarajeva, tradicionalne delicije čuvene bosanske kuhinje i sjajnu muziku u izvedbi Nodivo benda i svjetski poznatog Mostar sevdah reuniona donijet će tako zaljubljeni par 23. januara u Kovač. Nihad Mameledžija, vjerni kuhar grofice Safije, će vam u Kovaču od 23. do 28. januara otkriti tajne tradicionalnih delicija koje su onomad posluživane na dvoru Ahmed- bega, njenog oca.
  • Restoran Amici
    Restoran Amici i vinarija Budimir Vas pozivaju 26. i 27.01.2018. od 18h na Carne e Vino...uživajte u specijalnoj ponudi mesa i mesnih proizvoda, italijanskih salama i sireva i odaranih vina vinarije Budimir.