10 Jan, 2020

Mediterranean Experience

Restaurant Porto Malteze

Mediterranean Experience

If the name of restaurant PORTO MALTESE sounds familiar, we conclude the following: you have a good memory. It’s a memory of a place where you eat and drink well.  PORTO MALTESE fish restaurant is a continuation of one perfect hedonistic story started at PORTO Restaurant on Francuska Street in the 1990s. Attracted by the information that the actor of the new story is a man who has once told this city a great story about Mediterranean cuisine and everything that goes with it, we decided to organize our famous gastro patrol and check what is it all about. Full of life and experience, Mr. Dusan Radovic and his lifelong companion and faithful associate Natasha hosted us at their PORTO MALTESE restaurant in New Belgrade.


New Belgrade connoisseurs will have no problem finding PORTO MALTESE restaurant, but others will find it easily too. In short, it is located across the street from the future main bus station under construction, it is reached by Yuri Gagarin Street, and the easiest way to get there is from New Belgrade blocks, Belville, or Delta City Shopping center. Truly comfortable, spacious parking is in front of the restaurant and the entrance is well marked. At a time when guests cannot visit their favorite restaurants simply because of their inability to park safely, this information is valuable.


In addition to a very simple yet beautiful and sleek interior, we were attracted by the unusually good illumination of the space. Accustomed to dim lighting in most other restaurants, we asked how come the lights are so bright and we received a professional and most logical explanation from Mr. Radovic. In his opinion and international experience, the fish restaurant must have such lighting that at any time the guests can recognize the thinnest hair on their hand. If he is able to notice every hair, he will also notice every fish bone that is in his plate, and we do not need to explain to you how important that is. The restaurant is dominated by white color, enriched with Mediterranean details, the Maltese cross found its place on elegant red tablecloths. There is also a famous bar, buffet and a distinctive detail from the old PORTO restaurant. Feeling - As if you have traveled to a beautiful Mediterranean destination, it moves into a cozy restaurant where the owner and staff treat you like a regular, dear guest.


In addition to the unusually good choice of fish and seafood, PORTO MALTESE restaurant stands out from the majority restaurants for its presentation of the dishes. In the old PORTO restaurant you could choose how much you would like your portion to contain, and the new restaurant applies the same way of ordering. At one time, more than 30 PORTO restaurant franchises were distributed throughout Europe, and in all of them this system was one of the attractions. Fish and seafood are also on display at the aforementioned barge, and the friendly waiters are available for any consultation. The portions presented to guests are small works of art.

We started our "patrolling" with a carpaccio mix of salmon, octopus, tuna and anchovies, vongola stew, (ideally spicy), tomato and olive bruschetta and "boat" -inspired Sardinia cuisine. The latter was also quite new to us, but a wonderful blend of various delicacies on one larger plate - a shark fillet (shark type pesikan), couscous with seafood (cuttlefish, octopus, anchovies) and bean salad. Otherwise, the olives, olive oil and six years of maturing balsamic that the PORTO MALTESE restaurant offers come from Sardinia. From the south of Italy comes another great dish that we tried, which is pea with cuttlefish. At first glance, a strange combination for us "from the continent", but we sincerely recommend it.

The main dish came in the form of a gastronomic art installation consisting of shrimp, pieces of mussels and shells of Saint Jacques (Jacob's Cap) seasoned with parsley and garlic mousse. As mentioned above, you can create your dish to your liking and taste, and the one we served during our visit impressed us greatly. We were recommended to try the white wine Golden Vrbnik Žlatina, with such delicate food and we enjoyed it very much. Perfect match, recommended by an extremely knowledgeable expert.




 Sounds of folk and pop hits from instruments of excellent musicians added to the perfect atmosphere.  This wonderful band will be available to guests every night from January 13, 2020. Croatian shlagers and famous gypsy songs got the atmosphere going as well as the great wine we drank. For more information, we would like to announce the "Days of Sardinia" that the PORTO MALTESE restaurant prepares for its guests from January 18, 2020, as well as  the "Tuscany Days" that are to follow.  Basically we are to expect a lot of interesting events in the coming period, and we will do our best to write to you about them when they start. 

To conclude - the old PORTO is now the new PORTO MALTESE restaurant, even better and more interesting than it was.