27 Nov, 2019

Istra u Beogradu

Restaurant Saran

Istra u Beogradu

Restaurant ŠARAN - Istria in Belgrade

Every autumn for the last nine years, restaurant SARAN in Zemun brings a real refreshment to Belgrades gastronomic scene. While most of the restaurant between the summer season and the New Year's Eve do not have as many events to offer, this time around, ŠARAN has made every effort to delight us with some creative happenings.  Our visit was triggered by the ongoing cultural and gastronomic event DAYS OF ISTRIA under the auspices of one of the oldest and most beautiful restaurants in Belgrade.



THE ISTRIAN DAYS organized by  ŠARAN restaurant represent a unique opportunity to get to know the gastronomic treasures of the Istrian climate without further travel. The best possible guide to this experience is definitely Mrs. Mira Zrnic, the owner and the head of the tavern STARI PODRUM from Momjan, a true Istrian pearl. This family-owned restaurant has successfully hosted visitors from all over the world for years, and it was an honor for us to meet her and to honor her recommendations.

The appetizer that started our gourmet journey signaled an extraordinary delight. In fact, the very crust of bread and truffle spreads was a confirmation of the authenticity of the whole story. We continued with starters such as - mushrooms with parmesan and asparagus on rocket, pumpkin and apple carpaccio spiced with pumpkin oil, Istrian truffle cheese plate, Istrian ham and cod. We especially liked the "fritai". ie. scrambled eggs sprinkled with freshly grated truffles. Mrs. Mira Zrnic pointed out that it is the season of truffles  and that this is the time of year when truffles are most used. The chefs of  this renowned restaurant and  Ms. Zrnić gallantly sprinkle every dish that comes out of the kitchen  with extra  addition of these expensive truffles.

The continuation of the feast did not lag far behind its spectacular start. Mushroom and asparagus risotto is probably one of the best in the region. Airy, optimally cooked, in one word - excellent. We then tried fuži and pljukanci, an authentic Istrian handmade pasta that melts in your mouth. Fuzi's were served with prawns and asparagus, and pljukanci with truffles. During the ISTRIA DAYS, in restaurant ŠARAN which will last until December 11th, the highest quality steaks with truffle, asparagus or mushroom sauces, as well as sea fish, sea bass and rhombus dishes are on offer.



"Aunt Mira's" quince  cream pie  was a real surprise. Perfect cream with a refreshing quince dressing was something we have not come across so far when it comes to cream pies. We also tried tiramisu, one with quince dressing and the other with forest fruit dressing. For those whose gluten is a problem in meals, we recommend thinly sliced ​​apple slices sprinkled with parmesan, nuts and topped with honey and olive oil. Great combination. To make things just "Istrian", Mrs. Mira Zrnic also prepared traditional fritters, very tasty donuts that we highley enjoyed



From the begining we paired the dishes with first-class wines of the famous Istrian winery KOZLOVIĆ. KOZLOVIC Winery is a traditional partner every year traditionally during Istria days in restaurant ŠARAN realizes because what would the days of Istria be without authentic Istrian wine. Our choice was the Valle wines and the famous Malvasia. With their Adriatic voices, the Mediterraneo trio reminded us of "what love is" and in an almost curiously pleasant environment, under the dim light, we saw a diverse world. Famous and lesser-known, bohemians and curious, domestic and foreign guests. Their common denominator is hedonism, a genuine pleasure.

And we genuinely enjoyed the DAYS OF ISTRIA. We enjoyed the specialties prepared by Mrs. Mira, some good wines, the atmosphere and the most sincere hospitality of the people who make  Zemuns restaurant ŠARAN one of the most representative restaurants of the capital.  We strongly recommend that you stop by ŠARAN restaurant at least once before December 11th and treat yourself and someone special to your true enjoyment.