27 May, 2019

Glazed pork ribbs

Restaurant Supermarket Zemun Talas

Glazed pork ribbs

Sunny afternoon on the Danube bank at the foot of the legendary Gardos, in good company, with some great specialties ...  This is what the latest gastro patrol would sound in short gastro-patrole portal www.restorani.rs

Bistro SUPERMARKET TALAS in Zemun hosted us in an interesting garden in front traditional zemun  twi level villa arranged in a comfortable,eclectic manner. The Bistro also has a beautiful garden on the river bank itself where one can feel the pulse of Zemun and the soul of the Gardos.  There are other restaurants in this area,  but Bistro SUPERMARKET TALAS is definitely different, different by offer, ambience, clients, prices and its concept in general.

While we were introduced to the offer, we were served extremely fruitful rakija, and home made juices that are made fresh  on daily basis. The menu is very concrete. They are dishes for real gourmets, but also dishes that do not influence ones body weight, dishes traditional but also modern.

The meal started with a perfect GARLIC BREAD, flavored with optimal quantity of garlic, which opened our appetite for what follows. In a wish to try as many different meals we consulted  with Milica Rakic, the "godess" of kitchen bistro SUPERMARKET TALAS.

We chose four meals. The specialty of the interesting name, DALAJ LAMA, consists of chicken meat and vegetables In a cream curry sauce. In short, a large sophisticated and exotic portion. Spicy, enough, but not too spicy. Completly geographicaly and gastronomicaly opposite of this dish waa COUNTRY BISTRO BURGER, a stunning burger of beef, enriched with cedar cheese, crispy bacon, salad and Caesar dressing. Roasted GLAZED PORK RIBBS overflowing with fantastic barbecue sauce definitely are among the better in the city. They are soft, juicy and optimaly baked. The only problem is the dilemma weather to eat them with utensils or fingers. The real gourmet specialty that enabled us to complete the gastro tasting, a dish that goes well with some of the most famous kraft beers that Bistro SUPERMARKET TALAS  has, are fried fish and chips. Restaurants in Belgrade and beyond are best assessed by how they prepare and present some simple, familiar dishes.

SUPERMARKET TALAS definitely singled out when it comes to fish and chips . Ideally friable, without a surplus of oil that would get you into a plate, creatively strung, salty just as much as they should be ... Great! 
As side dishe to the burger, ribbs and fish we were served interestingly cut and tasty french fries, which additionally accelerated the consumption of the previously mentioned kraft beer.

The atmosphere was great, relaxed, just like in Zemun. Although the bistro was full we did not have the impression of overcrowding. An especially nice detail is an original gift-shop with t-shirts, caps and other accessories in the "munze-conza" style, so if you are from Zemun or just like Zemun.

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