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Where are the best kebabs in Belgrade? It's hard to answer. There are many Belgrade restaurants and fast food places in competition, and ćevapi is a dish that many take pride in.

Ethno bistro ĆEVAPLIJA is serious candidate for the very top of the list where the best kebabs in Belgrade are served. The combination of the highest quality meat, the skill of the Balkan cuisine master and the unique ambience of the CEVAPLIJA restaurant are a guarantee of gastronomic pleasure and pleasant time. In a tidy ethno ambience next to the Palilula market in the city center, ĆEVAPLIA offers rolled kebabs, Banja Luka kebabs, gourmet kebabs, Nish kebabs ...etc

In addition to the perfect kebabs, the ethno bistro CEVAPLIJA will pamper your gourmet soul with other specialties that guests are already talking about,  such as the "Elephant ear", " Pillows on Kajmak" ( on traditional  Serbian cheese spread) or "Toza's skewer". Whatever you order there is no mistake. As a worthy finish to the perfect meal, there are real homemade cakes such as baklavas or tulumbas (traditional Turkish desserts)

In short, when you visit the ethno bistro CEVAPLIJA, you will probably know a more precise answer to the question where the best kebabs in Belgrade are.




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Address Address: Ilije Garasanina 7
Seats (Inside) Seats (Inside): 60
Seats (Outside) Seats (Outside): 50
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Peт Friendly Peт Friendly: No
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Opened Opened: 20.12.2019
Visits Visits: 9191

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