25 Oct, 2019

RESTAURANTS IN BELGRADE - An important part of the tourist offer

Restorani u Beogradu – Važan deo turističke ponude

Restaurants in Belgrade, Novi Sad and other interesting locations of our country play an important role in positioning Serbia as a desirable tourist destination. In addition restaurants in Serbia offer foreign tourists, great gastronomic and bohemian memories.

Namely, at the end of last year, the well-known portal www.travellemming.com, which deals with topics related to tourism on a global scale, published a traditional annual survey for
its readers. The aim of the survey was to find out interesting "emerging destinations" that have a lot to offer and are not yet over-visited by tourists. There were 44 destinations offered by the most famous travel bloggers and influencers, and each continent could only have one winner. More than 8,000 portal visitors took part in the survey.

When it comes to Europe, Serbia is named the most desirable emerging destination and winner of the Travel Lemming Reader Award. Inviting tourists from all over the world to visit Serbia as soon as possible. Its hospitality, medieval fortifications along the Danube, nice and modern urban areas, beautiful RESTAURANTS IN BELGRADE - play an important part of the tourist offer

Restaurants in Belgrade, Novi Sad and other interesting locations of our country play an important role in positioning Serbia as a desirable tourist destination. In addition to all that Serbia has to offer to foreign tourists, memories from the Belgrade’s restaurants in a gastronomic and bohemian sense are one of the things that they will surely remember

The whole of Serbia, especially its capital Belgrade as the most visited destination is known as the gastronomic treasury. There is almost no bad restaurant or at least so bad that one cannot eat or drink something good. There are hundreds of restaurants in Belgrade racing to have a better, more interesting quality to offer. The best restaurants in Belgrade are definitely those who follow the world trends, but they do not give up the traditional gastronomic heritage of this region. If the restaurant is located near something interesting a tourist visit is implied. Neat ambiences, menus in English and other foreign languages, staff speaking foreign languages, offering something familiar but also something completely new will further stimulate the visit.

One such place is DZUMBUS restaurant, a restaurant within the sports center “Milan Gale Muskatirovic”, on the banks of the Danube, near Kalemegdan, the Zoo and the tower of Nebojsa. This Dorcol restaurant offers the most famous specialties from our region, presented in accordance with the latest gastronomic trends in the world. Traditional grill, but served in Teppanyaki-style dishes, best brandy but served at -10 ° C directly from their Rakia Ice bar, will surely impress guests from abroad.

Belgrade is said to be one of the "gates of the Orient" and the proof of this is the CAFE LAVASH restaurant in the Concrete Hall. Kebabs prepared in the spirit of best tradition and gastronomic experiences, the sweet scent of smoldering hookahs and music that tells the visitor that he has stepped over the essential meridian. This place is a kind of attraction, especially for tourists from the West who are happy to visit it. Unusual, enigmatic, different from usual, but safe. Just how tourists like it.

Near Kalemegdan, at Kralja Petra street and a few steps from Knez Mihailova Street, which tourists are sure to visit, is the MANUFAKTURA restaurant. In a unique setting where "happiness is brought from the kitchen to the plate," organic food from our region is served. Excellent food is served in an original way, and the relaxed atmosphere is great and refreshing for all tourists.

The place that Belgrade visitors surely plan to visit is the old Bohemian district of Skadarlija. The DVA JELENA restaurant has been welcoming visitors from all over the world for decades. In addition to offering top quality local and international specialties, DVA JELENA restaurant has a large number of seats in several halls and five terraces, which is an excellent prerequisite for larger and organized groups of tourists. On such occasions, a cultural and artistic program is performed in front of the guests, which further reflects their mentality and heritage.

MADERA restaurant is known beyond the borders of Serbia, both because of its decades-long tradition, and because of well-known and lesser-known guests from all over the world who visited it. The cosmopolitan spirit, the highest level of service and the unforgettable culinary delights characterize this true Belgrade restaurant. The spacious hall and shady garden are a great place for a high quality of tourists, whether they visit MADERA restaurant as part of an organized group, individually or, as is often the case, brought in by Belgrade hosts.

When it comes to restaurants in Zemun, the foot of Gardoš Hill has a lot to offer to tourists. The oldest and most authentic restaurant is SARAN, with its tradition of more than a century. After visiting the old town center of Zemun and the Sibinjanin Janka tower, ŠARAN restaurant is an ideal place to relax and enjoy fresh sea and river fish specialties. When the earthy relaxed spirit, top quality food watered with the best wine and unobtrusive tambourine sound combine, every tourist will bring back home authentic and beautiful memories.

One may conclude only on the basis of these few places that are often visited by foreign tourists that restaurants in Belgrade are probably one of the strongest advantages of the tourist offer of Serbia and Belgrade. Catering and gastronomic offerings outside the capital are also authentic and impressive. However, Belgrade restaurants are often the first thing foreign tourists pay attention to and gain their first impressions of our gastronomic and social habits, but also of the hospitality we so wish to highlight whenever we have the opportunity.