07 May, 2019

Live music Belgrade


Restaurants with live music, restaurants with old-fashioned music, restaurants and clubs with music from the 80's, rock music, tributes to bands, DJs ... The offer is huge, musical entertainment, especially in Belgrade's restaurants is available everywhere.

To put it short- from jazz and house to Dalmatian traditional bands and tambourines, something for everyone. When deciding where to go out the music offer of a restaurant or club is often a decisive factor, especially when gusts are searching for live music. Someone is attracted to acoustic romantic melodies for dinner for two, somebody wants to enjoy traditional Serbian tambourines, one loves hard rock entertainment, others will cheer and not refrain from choosing the hits of talented DJs. Restaurants and clubs in Belgrade are trying to get the attention of permanent and potential clients as much as circumstances allow them. In a highly competitive environment where everyone is fighting for a part of the market, this task is not as easy as it seems. Restaurants, taverns and clubs in Belgrade and places to go out are more and more numerous. It is not enough to just hire a "band", a performer or a tambourine ensemble in order to satisfy the taste of the clientele. Guests demand more and more when music is concerned. Famous performers, popular bands, singers and DJs will attract more guests, but their engagement is also a significantly higher expense for owners of restaurants and clubs. In order to help them find clients more easily, and to make it easier for guests planning to make a music choice, here is some useful information based on the behavior and habits of our portal visitors, who searched for live music.

According to the statistics of portal http://www.restorani.rs, 

Belgrade guests prefer the sounds of old-traditional music. They usually opt for reservations in restaurants such as Zemun's ŠARAN and SAČ, traditional KOVAČ, KOD DVOGLAVOG ORLA, CAREVA ĆUPRIJA, ORAŠAC, DVA JELENA, IMA DANA etc. In spite of the fact that this kind of atmosphere and live music is the choice of an older generation, the younger clientele also likes to enjoy old songs such as  "Fijaker stari", "Kraj jezera", "Janičar" and similar pearls of old folk music. In addition to the most beautiful views of the Belgrade bridges, LANGOUSTE is also known for its unobtrusive evergreen hits, an ideal addition to a romantic dinner.


On weekends, "live music" is often requested, a bigger crowd, a noisy atmosphere, and this is primarily suited to younger clients, although it is not uncommon for some older clients to reserve their places in restaurants and clubs that offer this kind of entertainment for guests. In locations such as LAVASH, CANTINA DE FRIDA, DZUMBUS, NATIONAL CLASS and MANUFAKTURA you will enjoy the sounds of local and foreign hits, and the live performances of the best club bands. DJs are regularly organized by WURST PLATZ BAR, GVOŽĐARA, TALAS, SAKURA, LOVAC and DVORIŠTE. An interesting concept is the so-called thematic day, when the restaurant menu is followed by the appropriate music background. One of the places that is known for organizing such live music events is the restaurant NEW MARINERO which is located in the Zemun quay.

All in all, the offer of live music in Belgrade restaurants, taverns and clubs is huge and you can always make a choice according to your own taste, opportunity or instant mood. Portal http://www.restorani.rs  offers updated information about the music programs that restaurants and clubs offer regularly, as well as announcements of some new events in the most famous catering facilities. Our simple booking system is the quickest and best way to provide a place for yourself and your company in some of the best restaurants and clubs, and make your choice by the type of live music that suits you.  Just a couple of clicks and fun can start.