18 Apr, 2019



On Tuesday, April 9, wine evenings "OUR BEAUTIFUL SERBIA" opened at restaurant "Kovač".

This unique journey through the regions of Serbia started in Sumadija with wines from the "cellar Radovanovic.

The owner of the winery, Mr. Miodrag Radovanovic, opened the manifestation and addressed the guests, who during the evening talked with him about the exclusivity of his wines and about the people who he gathered, to make the wine,  which the guests very much enjoyed.


Restaurant "Kovač" introduced wine lovers to the Serbian tradition. In a domestic atmosphere, for which Kovac is well known, the guests had a chance to try a "twist" of the wine aromas from the heart of Sumadija and traditional gastronomic specialties, prepared in a modern way.


Wines from Cellar Radovanovic, that were served during the evening  - Rizling Rajnski, Chardonnay Selection, Franc Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve and Sauvignon Sweet (Late Vintage) - found their matching meal that is on the menu of restaurant Kovač. Thus, Franc Cabernet Sauvignon was matched  the domestically prepared and preserved  ramsteak. The veal medallion with a young Serbian cream was  uttered by the Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve.


The sounds and smells of Sumadija  were accompanied by sounds of clarinet, accordion, violin and guitar. Music and good songs always give a special charm, as was shown by guests who did not hesitate to sing. They enjoyed every aspect of the evening.


"Our Beautiful Serbia" opened the door to the glory of Serbian wines and will be held every month with new guests from the Serbian regions.